We are in the centre of

 the perfect storm.

According to US Labour Studies, by 2020 50% of the workforce will be self-employed. Along with that, more than 60% of small businesses in Australia are started by women.

In 2015, Futurist Dr Graeme Codrington identified that one of the most in-demand skills through to 2025 is Personal Branding. The ability to self- promote, share your expertise and self-manage is the new version of bullet-proofing your career.

As a result, we have two groups of people who need each other:

  1. Experts in their industry who need marketing support to market them to grow their practice and stand out from the crowd.
  2. Marketing and Support staff, especially women and working mums, who have the ability to leverage their expertise to help these experts grow their practices.


This program is designed for Consultants, Experts, Thought Leaders or Freelancers to help them identify the 12 key skills in their practice that will help them double their revenue within 12 months. This is a one day program and includes online resources, tools, and feedback so that you know what to do next.

As a result not only will you have a highly relevant and in-demand set of skills setting you up for the future, you will also

  • be able to set yourself apart from others competing for similar roles
  • provide a unique value proposition to be able to work with your dream client
Expert to Influencer Certification - Kingscliff

Topics covered include:

  • Database Management: How to establish, grow and maintain your database to achieve a 40% open rate.
  • Tribe Building: Identify the specific metrics needed to ensure your practice not only survives but thrives
  • Call Cycles: Create the ideal habits and routines for the greatest impact on your revenue targets
  • Email Marketing: Explore the hidden secrets to increasing your open rate in your newsletters and reducing unsubscribes
  • Social Media Marketing: Build your confidence in knowing how to run a social media campaign for an expert and why it's so different than other businesses.
  • Content Planning: Create a schedule of content that will have the most effective outcome for the expert to grow their practice.
  • Webcasts: Identify the most effective way to grow your expert's list online. Perfect for all levels of expert, from startup to seasoned.
  • Speaker Marketing: Learn how to market your expert with the most effective collaterals required
  • Podcasting: Uncover how to effectively create a powerful podcast and leverage the content your expert creates
  • Referral Marketing: Explore how to create word of mouth marketing for your expert and how to keep gaining more
  • LinkedIn: Learning how to use one of the most powerful social media tools for business growth. This one is key to moving from an expert to an influencer
  • Website Marketing: Knowing what needs to where, how to identify the key metrics for sales from the website is one of the most important marketing activities for your expert.
The Lead Generation Indicator™ Jane Anderson

This Expert to Influencer Masterclass Includes:

    • Access to the flipped classroom and Expert to Influencer online program (valued at $5000)
    • 1 Day/2 Halfdays Virtual Workshop with Jane (valued at $1000)
    • Access to the Connect LinkedIn for Lead Generation online program (valued at $500)
    • Access to Jane's Private Expert to Influencer Facebook Group (valued at $1000)
    • A copy of Expert to Influencer and Connect books (valued at $60)
    • Access to monthly webcasts and updates (valued at $6000)
    • Access to Influencer Indicator Diagnostic (valued at $80)
Total Value: $13,640
$595 +GST for Virtual
Global Gurus 2020

After completing this program you will:

  • Have access to and undertake the Influencer Indicator, the world's first diagnostic measuring marketing gaps that prevent experts in their industry from growing their practice.
  • Have the ability to identify the specific marketing gaps holding you back from business growth.
  • Know the activities that need to be undertaken in a clear sequential order and empowers you to take the lead in these tasks.
  • Keep track of your own progress.
  • Integrate your current software programs into the influencer activities.

Upcoming Expert to Influencer Masterclass Days:

Here's what some have said...

Richard Hodge

"There are many tips and ideas in this program to help me step forward. Yet the benefit is much more the sum of the parts because Jane gives us an architecture to constantly ensure our program aligns with the people we influence."


Richard Hodge Systems thinker | Speaker | Author | Mentor | Building capability for leadership and stewardship

Peta Eriksson

"The best things I got out of Jane's session were the tips, tools and insights into the 4 quadrants and how simply they can be implemented to grow your business. Jane knows her stuff and breaks it down to clear and achievable steps. Cannot recommend her enough!"


Peta Eriksson Business Manager at The Deering Group, Pty Ltd

Trinsa Hine

"The best things I got out of Jane's session are practical, simple methods for taking us to the next level and keeping us there. Having my thought leader in the room has allowed us to work together as a team from a position shared education."


Trinsa Hine Administration

Karen Williams

"The best thing I got out of Jane's session was knowing where I need to start and how to move forward. The things that my practice will benefit most from that will be easy to tick off."


Karen Williams Trust Leadership Specialist | Trainer | Coach | Speaker | Writer

Sally A Curtis

"The best thing I got out of Jane's session was understanding the importance to nurture those that nurture me. My 150 now to add tags to help me support that process to add value to them."


Sally Curtis Marketing Mentor | Marketing Conference Speaker - The New Future of Networking | People to People Marketing Expert

Kari Sutton

"The best thing I got out of Jane's session was the practical actions I need to take to move from being an expert to influencer. Jane provided detailed steps and ideas that will shortcut the time it takes to make this transition and build a loyal tribe."


Kari Sutton Leading Educator | Speaker, Author and Researcher in Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology and Wellbeing

Justin Coulson, PhD

“Within four weeks of making a couple of modest tweaks, Jane Anderson’s advice led to me increasing online revenue by more than 10x! Simple, clear, direct strategies that increase impact and influence.”


Justin Coulson Justin Coulson, PhD ♦ Author:”9 Ways to a Resilient Child” and “21 Days to a Happier Family” ♦ Honorary Fellow, Centre for Positive Psychology, Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne

Zoe Routh

"Loved it! A good pace to get clarity on which skills and steps next."


Zoe Routh Leadership Expert

Krystal Rochford

"So much fantastic content, and new things to implement!  Lots and lots of info, but all relevant and easily digestible.  Looking forward to getting started on the changes.  Thanks, Jane."


Krystal Rochford Business Manager

Jon Osborne

"Super useful.  Clear and I love your calm and relaxed style Jane, also your generosity."


Jonathan Osborne Speaker | Facilitator | Coach

James Anderson

"As always, fantastic content."


James Anderson Speaker - Author - Educator | Expert Growth Mindset & Habits of Mind Melbourne

Sam Bell

"Really insightful to unpack so much and hear from others with similar challenges. Sequence and time are key to remember!"


Sam Bell Business Manager

"Thank you Jane, for bringing clarity to an area that was very unfamiliar and daunting.  Your ability to make the content simple has me feeling confident to execute a marketing strategy."


Emma Culver

"Enjoyed the ease and honesty of Jane’s workshop.  Lots to think about that will help with Michelle’s business, especially LinkedIn."


Rita Page Virtual Assistant

Michelle Bihary

"Many thanks Jane. Brilliant workshop, so much incredible value, you totally walk your talk."


Michelle Bihary Workplace Resilience Expert

Brandon Munro

"Awesome! Great value, very generous with your content and willingness to help going forward. Loved it."


Brandon Munro Uranium Sector Expert | Author | Speaker

Tamsin Ries

"Thank you for pulling everything all together and giving some practical solutions and ideas."


Tamsin Ries Business Manager

Cheryle Walker

"So many actionable ideas, strategies and resources. Most helpful for me were email newsletter and database."


Cheryle Walker Digital Learning Strategist

Joanne Love

"Great reminders and learnings on how to increase influence.

  1. Authenticity
  2. Segmentation
  3. Proactive connection"


Joanne Love Director at Proactive Performance Australia - Speaker | Author | Mentor

Nia Mcmartin

"Brilliant day! Tons of fabulous information that will assist me to support Renee in her practice."


Nia McMartin Business Manager to Renee Giarrusso

Renee Giarrusso

"Brilliant immersion into all things that will assist me in sharing my message with cut through. Jane's knowledge, experience and generosity is profound."


Renee Giarrusso Communication and Leadership Expert

"On behalf of our members and myself, I would like to say thank you for the wonderful Masterclass on Personal Branding for Learning Practitioners. Your presentation was professional, very engaging, informative with a vast array of tips which I know many of our members found of benefit in assisting them to have a clearer understanding on how to create awareness of who they are and how to use their Personal Brand to achieve their business goals. Thank you once again for your time."



Kerry Brocks CEO & Founder of Asia Pacific Institute of Learning & Performance

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