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Want more speaking events?

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Need to find a clear step-by-step pathway to increase your leads and sales without mistakes that cost you time and money?

There are so many options and it can be overwhelming to know where to start with things like email marketing, podcasts, and social media. Most clients I speak to are unsure where to start so they either don’t do enough or anything at all. Let’s face it, there’s probably just one of you, maybe one support team member helping you so every minute and dollar counts!


If this is you, you’re not alone.

Jane Anderson An Industry Influencer Model


So after working with thousands of industry-leading influencers over the last 15 years, I have created the Influencer Indicator. This tool is designed to help you clarify the 12 key areas to explode your list, skyrocket your leads and supercharge your visibility!   The best part is that the questionnaire only takes 3 minutes to complete and you receive a full report unpacking each and every aspect of the Influencer activities that matter to help you start or grow your business!

The Influencer Indicator is available for a short time at no cost.

Here's what some have said...

Anton Van Der Walt

"I have been in the process of being mentored by Jane Anderson since June 2017. Jane is helping me to establish my brand, and to become an influencer in my field. I have never ever experienced such dedication, compassion, caring and above all - a more authentic person in my career. I'm sure we know this - but it is always good to remind ourselves of the real angels in our midst ..."


Anton Van der Walt Leadership Expert | Helping Global Multi-National CEO’s Engage and Inspire Teams | Speaker | Author | Mentor

Dr. Richard Huysmans

"I first met Jane as part of Thought Leaders Business School. Since then we have recognised our joint interest in helping experts (such as scientists, researchers, and academics) have more influence in their field but also the wider community. Jane's advice to me and my clients has been spot on. She understands what is necessary to empower an expert with the ability to influence. If you are an expert looking to have greater influence in your field or in communicating your message to others - Jane is the person for you."


Dr. Richard Huysmans Speaker | Author | Mentor – Designs, implements & delivers translational projects increasing collaboration & grant success

Georgia Murch

"I'm so pumped after working with Jane for the past 6 months on, let's just say, seriously accelerating my brand positioning and lead generation. Jane's expertise and process have given me such pride in my positioning and complete clarity on what I need to do to grow my practice. And she is full of class, style, and compassion. It's been a real pleasure! Thanks, Jane."


Georgia Murch Thought Leader in Designing Organisational Feedback Cultures | Author: "Fixing Feedback" | Keynote Speaker

Cameron Schwab

"I was fortunate to recently spend time with Jane. The result, both a vision and a structured plan for how I can subtly shift my personal brand to represent more than 'another ex-footy bloke' context and something true to who I am, and the core message of my leadership keynote (and personal trademark) 'Finding Something'. Importantly, in taking a couple of steps sideways, I do not lose the value of a lifetime leading in high-performance environments. Up to me now. Seriously grateful Jane. In the words of the great Molly Meldrum, 'Do yourself a favour!'


Cameron Schwab CEO | Leadership Coach & Strategist | Speaker | Writer | Artist LAMBEAU Harvard Business School

Amanda Blesing

"I've used coaches extensively through my career and truly believe in the process. But when you find a coach who you really connect with it makes a big difference. After establishing a consultancy a few years ago, I felt my brand needed to mature to take into account the shift in my client base and my own expertise. Plus I was too close to my own material and blind to my own weak points. Jane was empathetic, yet effective, and her knowledge of marketing and lead generation for thought leaders and influencers is second to none. With just a few sessions I have repositioned myself in the marketplace and created a whole new range of offerings that will enable me to have a far bigger impact. I'm now delighted to continue to work with Jane for the rest of the year and am looking forward to even more growth. Thank you, Jane!"


Amanda Blesing AARPI Helping women into the C-suite - Mentor & Expert in Visibility for Women in Leadership | Talent Development & Career

Jeff Schwisow

"Jane’s recent work with me on using my LinkedIn presence to improve my lead generation and market visibility has been nothing short of amazing! She is knowledgeable, personable and focused on delivering value to her clients. Not only did she have clear working knowledge of LinkedIn and how to optimise my profile for my ideal client, she had a clear strategic vision for utilising LinkedIn to improve my lead generation. Best of all, in the 6 short weeks, since we began working together, my profile view rate has tripled, my connections increased by almost 15 percent and the leads are starting to come in. I highly recommend her!"


Jeff Schwisow Strategist | Speaker | Author and Mentor | Transforming businesses through the power of projects

Rachel Bourke

"Before working with Jane my profile wasn’t generating any business for me at all. In fact, I cringed when I thought of somebody reading it. Today it is a tool that I use as part of my business growth strategy and is a key part of my sales process. In the quarter we worked on my profile, my sales grew 66%! Needless to say, I am thrilled with the results and refer all my clients to Jane and her team. Jane’s knowledge of LinkedIn is second to none."


Rachel Bourke SalesSpace

Louise Williams

"I got absolute clarity around how to position my unique blend of offerings while keeping it relevant to my ideal client. I love that Jane "speaks" my language and can see through the fog and can understand where I want to head in the next 18 months."


Louise Williams Emotive Images

janine marin testimonial

"Working with Jane has given me a fresh perspective on how to grow my business. She helped me prioritise what was important in my life professionally and introduced me to concepts that helped me structure my business better."


Janine Marin Communication Expert

“I was fortunate enough to attend a presentation with Jane Anderson, Australia's leading Branding expert. Her presentation provided me with some excellent insights and tools that I was able to implement within my business quickly. I also took up the opportunity to use her unique Online Assessment which highlighted some areas which needed some additional training and coaching. Jane provided some excellent tools that will build awareness in certain areas that need attention and I would strongly recommend taking a moment to complete her online assessment.”


Harry Bozin Mortgage & Financial Services

amy silver

"Jane is one of the most inspiring and resourceful leaders I know. She has been such a wonderful mentor for my business. Working with her has meant that I have more clarity over who I am and what I could be, more certainty over how to achieve my goals and more credibility as a thought leader and service provider. She has a crystal clear strategy for success and her commercial thinking wrapped up in a down to earth and empathic style has benefited me enormously. My business has more than doubled its value since working with her and I know she has been instrumental in enabling my brand and the structures around my business to flourish. I will always be so very grateful to have found Jane."


Dr. Amy Silver Speaker | Author | Mentor

Jonathan Lawler

"At Bengalla to find and attract the right talent and capabilities, we needed to leverage different mechanisms for our talent searches where we were using  LinkedIn.  Additionally, we wanted our key hiring leads and HR team to have a ‘brand’ on LinkedIn in order to help build a profile for Bengalla and for themselves on LinkedIn, helping to create the Bengalla ‘brand’ for prospective employees.

To assist us in achieving the results in acquiring talented staff, we engaged Jane to help us with initial training, to identify our own ‘brand,’ create the initial LinkedIn build for key hiring leads, in order for us to be more active and present in the LinkedIn market. I highly recommend working with Jane to help identify the best steps to take to think laterally to attract talent using LinkedIn."


Jonathan Lawler Human Resources and Training Manager Bengalla Mining Muswellbrook

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