Have greater presence, visibility and influence to transformational change

Keep organisational priorities clear to increase clarity and engagement


Want your leaders to have a strong and professional leadership presence?
 Need your leaders to be more visible, drive strategic messages and lead transformational change?
Want them to show up to drive engagement, connection and inspire by keeping the vision clear?

With the rise of supersized organisations, leading 5 generations in the workforce and the leaders to maintain clarity of vision and purpose, leaders are under greater pressure than ever to stay visible, drive key messages and lead change. 

This program is ideal for:

 Executives and leaders who need to drive messages for transformational change
✓ Leaders who need to elevate their professional personal presence
Leaders who need a content and communication strategy and support to implement
 CEO’s who need a visibility plan to drive more awareness of the business brand
Leaders who need greater confidence to lead and build a high-performance team
Executives who need a professional LinkedIn profile and strategy
Leaders who need coaching to deliver presentations at conferences and events
Executives who need to become more inspiring in their communication
Leaders who need to improve their personal productivity and efficiency

The program can be customised based on ideal learning outcomes.

This program is not ideal for:

  • Leaders who want the work done for them
  • Leaders who aren’t motivated and committed to personal and professional growth
  • Leaders who aren’t open to new ideas and change
  • Leaders who aren’t committed to helping and inspiring others through transformation

The best leaders understand that they are CROs (Chief Reminding Officers) and that there is no such thing as too much communication. The best organisations in the world are the ones where leaders are constantly reiterating the organization’s culture, strategy and priorities.

- Patrick Lencioni, Author 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

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  • Personal Brand: What you stand for, your vision, values, purpose mission and goals? What you stand for, your vision, values, purpose mission and goals? Do you have a communication strategy in place? How do you control emotions and manage yourself when things don’t go to plan?
  • Personal productivity and high performance: How you manage your calendar, and engage your EA (if applicable)? How efficient and effective are you in completing key projects, saying no and planning effectively to build trust, connection and engagement?
  • Professionalism: What is your both face to face and online appearance? How professional is your dress standard and LinkedIn profile? Do you represent the business as a strong brand ambassador?



  • Message: What are the key messages and thought leadership you need to drive? How do you share your ideas and stories? What is the most efficient way to distribute those ideas?
  • Channels: What platforms do your messages need to be pushed through? Town hall presentations? Intranet groups? Videos? Key meetings?
  • Visibility: How do you keep the vision clear? How can you amplify your visibility, leverage your communication for greater reach and visibility? How can you increase clarity for more effective team, stakeholder and community engagement?



  • Team Connection: How do you create a team that is on the same page, highly engaged and performing to its potential? What is the team level of trust and psychological safety? Do you know the personality types of your team to adjust your communication style? Do they know how to adjust their communication style for each other?
  • Team Productivity: Do your team have high performance habits and routines? Do we have a team culture where it is safe to say no? To what extent does the team manage their calendars vs inbox, interruptions, crises and distractions?
  • Personal Responsibility: How do you support the team to encourage their self-leadership and take initiative? How often do you coach vs tell? How self-driven and empowered are your key players? How are you creating the next generation of leaders?

This program is usually delivered over a 6-12-month period however modules can be delivered in isolation.

To discuss a customised program for your team, please book in a time here to discuss or contact us here.

Jane Anderson Lead Generation ExpertWho’s Jane?

Jane Anderson is Australia’s leading authority on Personal Branding and helps female leaders, influencers and consultants to grow their careers and businesses through building their confidence, presence and influence in a noisy world.

With over 20 years experience at the intersection of career, leadership and marketing, and highly compassionate yet commercial in her approach, Jane has helped over 50,000 leaders. She is a certified speaker, coach and has been featured on Sky Business, The Today Show, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, BBC & Management Today.

The author of 6 books, Jane typically speaks at conferences, runs workshops, consults and coaches female leaders and influencers to communicate more powerfully to achieve their goals.

Jane holds one of the top 1% viewed LinkedIn profiles & is the host of the "Jane Anderson Show" Podcast where she has interviewed some of the world’s leading thinkers including Seth Godin.

She has been nominated for and won numerous industry awards for her expertise including:
- International Stevie Awards for Coach & Entrepreneur of the Year 2018
- nominated Telstra Business Awards 2014, 2016, 2018, 2019
- top 30 branding gurus globally
- top 25 branding blogs
- top 6 branding experts in Australia

Telstra, International Rice Research Institute, Wesfarmers, Amadeus, Virgin Australia, IKEA, LEGO, Mercedes-Benz , Australian Medical Association, Shell Energy & Workcover.

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