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Jane is the guru for helping people unlock high-impact communication. She is an experienced keynote speaker, award-winning blogger, coach and author of 9 books.

Jane is a Certified Virtual Speaker with a world-class studio ready to deliver engaging keynotes and presentations, wherever you are in the world.  Join Jane for a tour of her studio in the video below.

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Jane is a powerhouse at helping organisations and individuals unlock their human potential.

She has helped thousands of people brand and position themselves as the expert in their field. She is an experienced speaker, coach, author and thought leader on personal branding and LinkedIn. She is one of 38 female Certified Professional Speakers in Australia (CSP), a title held by only 7% of speakers globally.

Jane’s calling is to help participants unlock potential from their core inner-self and their teams so they become the highest expression of themselves for their organisation and their life outside work. Organisations benefit from the highest levels of productivity, increased retention and reduced absenteeism.



Jane's Experience

Jane holds a Bachelor of Business in Marketing from SCU. She holds the Diploma of Workplace and Business Coaching, Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training. She is one of two Master Career Directors and one of 60 Professional Certified Coaches in Australia.

Jane is also experienced in the implementation of Coaching Culture and in 2010 her work was featured as a case study in Natalie Ashdown’s book Bring Out Their Best; a guide to corporate coaching containing inspirational Australian business stories.

Jane is an inspiring, warm and motivating speaker, whose message is changing the face of corporate Australia. Don’t miss the opportunity to have her speak at your next event!

Some of Jane's Clients


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Jane is active in the media and is talking about Personal Branding and LinkedIn. She has been featured in the following publications:


Would you like to inspire your thought leaders in your organisation and leverage your people to drive business growth?... Then maybe you should consider getting Jane to come and speak at your next event.

Choose from one of Jane's signature keynotes, or ask for customisation:

  • The Industry Influencer: We’re more connected than ever and today your personal brand, positioning and personality are the new collaterals for business growth. In this interactive and practical session, participants will learn the 4 key activities to grow their influence, impact and income.
  • Executive Influence: In a fast and disruptive world, senior executives are forced to cut-through the noise more than ever. In this interactive session, participants will identify the 4 key contributors of influence, personal brand and how to leverage them most for the organisation and their personal success.
  • Women of Influence: With more than 60% of new businesses being started by women, pay gaps and less women in senior roles, women have confronted more challenges than most in the new world of business. In this practical and engaging session, participants will learn about their personal brand and the 4 specific key contributors to increase their influence and confidence in their businesses and careers.
  • LinkedIn for Influence and Lead Generation: The old ways of doing business have changed. Waiting for the phone to ring no longer cuts it. This is a super practical, interactive and fun session where participants learn how to gain more control over their business. They will learn how to leverage their LinkedIn profile and personal brand for business growth and lead generation in less than 7 minutes per day!
  • Social Media for Influence and Trust: Social Media has levelled the playing field. With the average person spending 2 hours per day on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, the connection economy is a key part to growing your business. In this fun, practical and insightful presentation, Jane gives the simple 3 steps to growing your following, personal brand, leads and engagement online.
  • Communicating with Influence and Trust: More than ever customers and industry partners want to work with someone who they can have absolute faith in. In this presentation, participants will identify the 4 key skills to amplify their influence, personal brand and trust to retain, attract and engage their ideal clients.


Some Previous Keynote Speaking Events:

  • Australian Medical Association QLD Junior Doctors Conference: How to get your application to stand out for Internship Programs
  • Corporate PA Summit Perth: Marketing Yourself to the Max- Creating Your Own Personal Brand. Other presenters include Steve "Commando" (The Biggest Loser) and Ita Buttrose
  • QGC Women's Masterclass; Science of Happiness at Work
  • Corporate PA Summit Brisbane: Marketing Yourself to the Max- Creating Your Own Personal Brand. Other presenters include Mark Bouris and Ita Buttrose
  • Empire Careers Luncheon: Coaching and Performance Management
  • Reinvent Your Career Expo Melbourne: How to Access the Hidden Job Market
  • Women in Super: Crafting Your LinkedIn Profile for your Personal Brand and Career Success
  • Australian Marketing Institute Summit: The Rise and Rise of Personal Brand- Reputation Management for Career Success
  • Griffith University Business School Leadership Program: Personal Branding for Career Success
  • Human Capital Magazine 2013 Conference: Building Mentoring and Coaching Capability in Organisations- a Best Practice Approach
  • Empire Careers Luncheon:  The Rise of Personal Brand- How Reputation Management has taken over qualifications
  • Guest Speaker at Reinvent Your Career Expo Brisbane: How to Access the Hidden Job Market
  • Australian Marketing Institute QLD Chapter: Brand You- Crafting your Personal Brand
  • Women in Super: Crafting Your Career Seminar
  • Women In Super: Brand You- How to market yourself for the career you want
  • Reinvent your Career Expo Brisbane: The Science of Happiness at Work
  • EA/PA Conference Brisbane: Work/Life Balance and Goal Setting
  • ICF Gold Coast: Coaching demonstration from experts to get client results
  • UQ Office Professionals: Finding your vision and purpose to create a meaningful career
  • EA/PA Summit Palazzo Versace Gold Coast: Switching yourself on
  • UQ Office Professionals: How to get that job

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