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Jane Anderson Keynote Speaking

Jane is the guru for helping people unlock high-impact communication. She is an experienced keynote speaker, award-winning blogger, coach and author of 7 books.

Jane is a Certified Virtual Speaker with a world-class studio ready to deliver engaging keynotes and presentations, wherever you are in the world.  Join Jane for a tour of her studio in the video below.

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Vince Aisthorpe

"Personal Branding Expert, Jane Anderson presented at the Queensland Supply Chain and Logistics Conference in September this year and she was sensational. The feedback from the delegates rated her as one of the best performers, if not the best, at the event (which has now been going for 15 years). Jane's style, her knowledge of the topic and her ability to engage the audience ensured that everyone walked away with a number of key techniques that they could employ to better "brand" themselves and the procurement and supply chain profession that will ensure that their attendance at the conference was more than worthwhile. I would certainly recommend Jane as a highly motivated and professional speaker to anyone who would like to have their team focused and motivated."


Vince Aisthorpe Event Organiser Supply Chain and Logistics Conference 2014

Jane is a powerhouse at helping organisations and individuals unlock their human potential.

She has helped thousands of people brand and position themselves as the expert in their field. She is an experienced speaker, coach, author and thought leader on personal branding and LinkedIn. She is one of 38 female Certified Professional Speakers in Australia (CSP), a title held by only 7% of speakers globally.

Jane’s calling is to help participants unlock potential from their core inner-self and their teams so they become the highest expression of themselves for their organisation and their life outside work. Organisations benefit from the highest levels of productivity, increased retention and reduced absenteeism.



Jane's Experience

Jane holds a Bachelor of Business in Marketing from SCU. She holds the Diploma of Workplace and Business Coaching, Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training. She is one of two Master Career Directors and one of 60 Professional Certified Coaches in Australia.

Jane is also experienced in the implementation of Coaching Culture and in 2010 her work was featured as a case study in Natalie Ashdown’s book Bring Out Their Best; a guide to corporate coaching containing inspirational Australian business stories.

Jane is an inspiring, warm and motivating speaker, whose message is changing the face of corporate Australia. Don’t miss the opportunity to have her speak at your next event!

Some of Jane's Clients


Jane's clients 2018



Jane is active in the media and is talking about Personal Branding and LinkedIn. She has been featured in the following publications:


Would you like to inspire your thought leaders in your organisation and leverage your people to drive business growth?... Then maybe you should consider getting Jane to come and speak at your next event.

Choose from one of Jane's signature keynotes, or ask for customisation:

  • The Industry Influencer: We’re more connected than ever and today your personal brand, positioning and personality are the new collaterals for business growth. In this interactive and practical session, participants will learn the 4 key activities to grow their influence, impact and income.
  • Executive Influence: In a fast and disruptive world, senior executives are forced to cut-through the noise more than ever. In this interactive session, participants will identify the 4 key contributors of influence, personal brand and how to leverage them most for the organisation and their personal success.
  • Women of Influence: With more than 60% of new businesses being started by women, pay gaps and less women in senior roles, women have confronted more challenges than most in the new world of business. In this practical and engaging session, participants will learn about their personal brand and the 4 specific key contributors to increase their influence and confidence in their businesses and careers.
  • LinkedIn for Influence and Lead Generation: The old ways of doing business have changed. Waiting for the phone to ring no longer cuts it. This is a super practical, interactive and fun session where participants learn how to gain more control over their business. They will learn how to leverage their LinkedIn profile and personal brand for business growth and lead generation in less than 7 minutes per day!
  • Social Media for Influence and Trust: Social Media has levelled the playing field. With the average person spending 2 hours per day on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, the connection economy is a key part to growing your business. In this fun, practical and insightful presentation, Jane gives the simple 3 steps to growing your following, personal brand, leads and engagement online.
  • Communicating with Influence and Trust: More than ever customers and industry partners want to work with someone who they can have absolute faith in. In this presentation, participants will identify the 4 key skills to amplify their influence, personal brand and trust to retain, attract and engage their ideal clients.


Some Previous Keynote Speaking Events:

  • Australian Medical Association QLD Junior Doctors Conference: How to get your application to stand out for Internship Programs
  • Corporate PA Summit Perth: Marketing Yourself to the Max- Creating Your Own Personal Brand. Other presenters include Steve "Commando" (The Biggest Loser) and Ita Buttrose
  • QGC Women's Masterclass; Science of Happiness at Work
  • Corporate PA Summit Brisbane: Marketing Yourself to the Max- Creating Your Own Personal Brand. Other presenters include Mark Bouris and Ita Buttrose
  • Empire Careers Luncheon: Coaching and Performance Management
  • Reinvent Your Career Expo Melbourne: How to Access the Hidden Job Market
  • Women in Super: Crafting Your LinkedIn Profile for your Personal Brand and Career Success
  • Australian Marketing Institute Summit: The Rise and Rise of Personal Brand- Reputation Management for Career Success
  • Griffith University Business School Leadership Program: Personal Branding for Career Success
  • Human Capital Magazine 2013 Conference: Building Mentoring and Coaching Capability in Organisations- a Best Practice Approach
  • Empire Careers Luncheon:  The Rise of Personal Brand- How Reputation Management has taken over qualifications
  • Guest Speaker at Reinvent Your Career Expo Brisbane: How to Access the Hidden Job Market
  • Australian Marketing Institute QLD Chapter: Brand You- Crafting your Personal Brand
  • Women in Super: Crafting Your Career Seminar
  • Women In Super: Brand You- How to market yourself for the career you want
  • Reinvent your Career Expo Brisbane: The Science of Happiness at Work
  • EA/PA Conference Brisbane: Work/Life Balance and Goal Setting
  • ICF Gold Coast: Coaching demonstration from experts to get client results
  • UQ Office Professionals: Finding your vision and purpose to create a meaningful career
  • EA/PA Summit Palazzo Versace Gold Coast: Switching yourself on
  • UQ Office Professionals: How to get that job

And what participants have had to say...

Andrea Shepperson

"Jane is one of the most valuable speakers on Lead Generation and the value of LinkedIn. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak last year - she was clear, practical, and gave insights into the power of LinkedIn. I subsequently bought her book CONNECT and have implemented many of her recommendations. The result - a significant increase in my global network within my industry which has led to valuable working relationships. I post with more confidence and have had exponential engagement with my network."


Andrea Shepperson Dentist | Speaker | Thought Leader | Innovator | Educator | Leader

Christina Guidotti

"I had the privilege to see Jane on stage as a keynote speaker at the UNLEASH event for women recently. What an amazing woman – she has it all going on and walks her talk! She’s an absolute expert in all areas of personal branding and how to attract more clients and even the ideal job! If you want to stand out – and who doesn’t, Jane is the one to go to for all things around personal branding.”


Christina Guidotti Speaker | Author | Mentor | Partner at Thought Leaders Global

Greg Mowbray

"Jane, your session at the Global Speakers Summit in Auckland was just was I needed. I had been spinning my wheels for some time, knowing that I had too much to do and that I wasn't the best person to be trying to do it all. I took your advice, have sourced a high quality, local VA, and in a short period of time we are working happily and productively together. Thanks so much for your expert guidance and wisdom."


Greg Mowbray Leadership Speaker | Author | Mentor

Nicholas Ricciuti

"She is what an organiser looks for to deliver high-quality content with charisma. A true professional on Personal Branding!"


Nicholas Ricciuti Business Growth Strategist

David Redhill

"I think your talk on social media profiling and damaging one's own reputation should be standard issue for any new graduate at University!"

David Redhill Global Chief Marketing Officer, Deloitte Consulting

Dianne Oon

"The event was a good start to our plans to increase the employability of our graduates. The feedback has been very positive with students from other Schools within the Faculty of Health urging other Schools to follow suit. Your insight and expert advice on Personal Branding definitely hit the mark for the graduates and staff alike."


Dianne Oon Administration Officer, Deakin University

Adam Leishman

"We had Jane come and talk to us about ‘Personal Branding.’ She truly is a leader in this field. Her knowledge, energy, and engagement is a real crowd pleaser. Jane has a clear message that is fun and entertaining. The feedback from our members after the event was fantastic."


Adam Leishman Commerce Caboolture

nick kelly

"I had the pleasure of watching Jane present a seminar on Personal Branding whilst filming the event recently. As a fly on the wall, you get to not only take in the content and speaker's presentations, but you also get to see how the audience reacts to it. Firstly, Jane knows her stuff. In a room full of shirts, ties and corporate attire, Jane stood out as soon as she walked in the room.

She gave a great talk about the power of personal branding, and I'm sure she may one day be responsible for fire damage, the way some of the attendees were burning holes in their notebooks thanks to the veracity of their scribbling. In a world full of noise, Jane knows how you can stand out and get attention, and that is a pretty powerful thing.

Thanks Jane for the talk, and I can assure you no porn star will be stealing my name & domain any time soon... You'll get that reference if you see Jane talk."


Nick Kelly Video Producer that helps people, brands & businesses get noticed online

“I was fortunate enough to attend a presentation with Jane Anderson, Australia's leading Branding expert. Her presentation provided me with some excellent insights and tools that I was able to implement within my business quickly. I also took up the opportunity to use her unique Online Assessment which highlighted some areas which needed some additional training and coaching. Jane provided some excellent tools that will build awareness in certain areas that need attention and I would strongly recommend taking a moment to complete her online assessment.”


Harry Bozin Mortgage & Financial Services

steve simpson

"Jane presented at a conference for the top professional speakers in Australia - a real challenge for anyone, but not for Jane. She wowed all of us with her insights into social media and her willingness to provide value for every person in the room. Highly recommended!"


Steve Simpson Keynote Speaker | Corporate Culture | Leadership | Customer Experience | Creator of UGRs

Julie Garland Mclellan

"Jane Anderson is an inspiration and has changed my networking impact for the better. Her generous sharing of knowledge continues to be valuable."


Julie Garland McLellan Boardroom Expert | Company Director & Chair | Board Adviser | Former CEO | Professional Speaker | Media Commentator

david penglase

"Jane is quite simply a global expert on how to cut through all the noise about social media and how to gain clarity on the most efficient and effective online strategies to achieve your goals. That's what impressed me most - Jane's focus (both as a mentor and as an engaging conference keynote speaker) is on tailoring the right approach for each of her clients and not a 'cookie-cutter' approach. Refreshingly authentic and has given me clear direction and confidence in my online influencing strategies."


David Penglase Conference Speaker | Masterclass Facilitator | Author | Sales | Leadership | Customer Service | Positivity Mindset

Joanne Love

"We were so lucky to have Jane Anderson speak at our Inaugural “Herformance” event in September 2018. Jane shared her meaningful message about personal branding in a highly captivating way. Her talk was insightful, solution-oriented, and empowered the audience to make the changes necessary to ensure the way the world was seeing them was truly reflective of who they were."


Joanne Love Women's High Performance & Leadership Coach | Speaker | Author | Mentor | Coach

Dr. Paul Lawrence

"Jane spent an hour working with a third year group of masters students. Her material was pragmatic, down to earth and thoughtful, clearly based on a deep understanding of how to make the best use of social media. She worked confidently with the group, who appreciated her capacity to respond to their particular curiosities."


Dr. Paul Lawrence Lecturer in Coaching at Sydney Business School (UoW)

"We invited Jane Anderson to speak at the 3rd Corporate Communications Leadership Forum in Melbourne due to her experience and expertise in the industry. She delivered a very compelling and interesting presentation and workshop which received great feedback from the audience and other speakers at the Summit. I have seen a large number of C-Level presentations across various industries. The content and insight in Jane’s presentation lived up to this high calibre, while being entertaining and thought-provoking. I highly recommend her for any future speaking engagements."


Nicolas Verbeeck Conference Producer

Ninette Maddrell

"Jane presented at our Annual Real Estate Agents’ Convention in Brisbane this year to over three hundred of our members, and she did an amazing job.  Her presentation and delivery was first class.  Her content and message were well received and I would recommend to anyone thinking about having Jane present to their team or organisation.  Our members left both inspired and energised.  Thank you Jane!" 


Ninette Maddrell Training Facilitator, Pittard

Donna McGeorge

"I have known Jane for over 5 years, and whilst I had worked with her 1:1 as my coach and mentor, this was the first time I had used her as a speaker for an event.  Jane is a consummate professional, showing up well on time and fully prepared.

She is generous with her material providing extraordinary value for the time she is in on stage.  She builds a great relationship with the group, and has them engaged and participating from the moment she begins.

Anecdotal feedback immediately after the event was that she provided great tools, tips and things to think about for leaders wanting to grow their presence and positioning within an organisation."



Donna McGeorge International Keynote Speaker, Author, Mentor | Loreal Leadership Program

"Jane was a world-class guest speaker at our event. She was packed full of useful knowledge and her structure inspired many of our members to take action and gain a greater understanding of how to build their brand."

Mel Kettle

Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive - I know I'm not the only one who walked away with loads of notes!  Look forward to seeing you again soon.

Mel Kettle Communication Expert

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