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According to Forbes magazine confidence and having a good sense of yourself has an impact for leaders. Whilst male leaders overestimate their abilities, women underestimate them. When leaders struggle with self- confidence, whether they are overconfident or under confident, they lose their ability to inspire, engage and motivate teams. With more than 70% of team members disengaged in their work, organisations simply cannot afford to carry the weight of underperforming teams. Almost half of CXO’s say their leadership pipeline keeps them up at night, so equipping leaders with the foundation of self-awareness and self-confidence is crucial to business and leader’s success.

Jeff Bezos once said that “our personal brand is what people say about us when we’re not in the room” and Tom Peters, who coined the term “personal brand” in 1997 said that “our personal brand is a promise to the marketplace and the world”.

When leaders deliver on that promise, they build connection, trust and influence.

As a creator of leadership development programs in organisations, you’re always trying to find better ways of getting the most out of your leaders, helping them to create a deep authentic sense of themselves, making conscious choices about their identity and how that manifests in creating team engagement. Having leaders who have confidence, conviction and courage means leaders can drive change and teams can adapt by having higher levels of psychological safety, or trust in their leader and team.


For those creating leadership programs the challenges are often:

  • How to attract and retain great leaders and talent
  • How to increase engagement
  • Increasing numbers of digitally native and younger leaders
  • Leaders are more transparent and visible online
  • Equipping leaders to lead people confidently through disruption and change
  • Afraid of losing talented people if their personal branding is too visible and professional for recruiters


Digital footprints as well as the need to create and the need to manage your personal brand are creating lots of questions in the workplace. Through this program, we provide solutions that involve educating you about your leadership personal brand and how to manage your professional presence both online and offline.

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  • Emerging Leaders
  • Middle Managers and Leaders
  • High Performers and Leaders
  • Executive Leaders and Board Members


  • Gain greater clarity, insight, self-awareness and their personal identity
  • Align and humanise the business and personal brand
  • Define the communications strategy for their personal brand
  • Define their online presence and build their identity with their LinkedIn Profile
  • Identify brand character and how to manage their brand in a crisis or when things go wrong
  • Showcase your knowledge to become a trusted advisor in the workplace
Power of Brand You venn diagram


  • Pre- workshop assessment and engagement: This includes a short online questionnaire to determine the level of clarity and awareness of your leaders’ personal brand and communication strategy to identify specific gaps to focus on in the workshop. Jane also creates a personalised welcome video to send to participants 1 week prior to increase connection and rapport and maximise the learning experience in the workshop.
  • Workshop delivery. Each participant will be actively involved on the day of the workshop. Each learner's experience is unique and valuable to the entire room. Jane adjusts learning activities depending on the level of each learner in the room.
  • LinkedIn profile building activity. This allows participants to engage in building their profile
  • A copy of Jane’s book “IMPACT: How to build your Personal Brand in the Connection Economy.” This book is a great takeaway for participants and covers many of the key concepts in the workshop. The book is the ideal tool to extend the conversation back to the desk, team and home.
  • Full-colour workshop workbook. This contains all workshop slides and an extra guide with 45 tips to help you manage LinkedIn and create and maintain an online and face-to-face “Brand You”.
  • Follow-up one-on-one coaching session. This will be conducted via phone or Skype for 30 minutes to answer questions and help participants manage their new profile and build leads.
  • Morning Espresso Shot emails for 21 days. Participants will receive a brief morning email with tips to manage your personal leadership brand. These tips are designed to embed your learning from the workshop.


  • An initial report based on insights from the participants
  • A pre-workshop discussion
  • A copy of all feedback
  • A debrief discussion to share insights and reflections
  • Final report (if chosen from the options below)

What some have said...

Jennifer Bond

"A fantastic workshop. Clear and actionable steps provided to build my personal brand."


Jennifer Bond Compliance Manager Griffith University

Prof Sally-Ann Poulsen

"Empowering material that is in reach. Great to do the program in a supportive environment. Opportunity to stand in others’ shoes regarding the true meaning of visibility/impact."


Sally-Ann Poulsen Professor, Griffith University

Dr. Esther Onyango

"I had really great insights on growing my personal brand especially with regard to social media and using visual images to anchor your brand. Never thought of this before."


Dr Esther Onyango Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Griffith University

"I found the whole identification of a personal brand and understanding how we control it very valuable and I will take my self-promotion more seriously."


Dr. Bianca Beetson Program Leader Indigenous Art, Griffith University

Anita Hathaway

"I really enjoyed taking time out to think about my strengths and identify the areas I need to build on. I really appreciate the tips on books and videos to keep helping me to build my brand."


Anita Hathaway Head of Marketing Griffith University

"Wow, I learnt so much. Very valuable to know that it only takes a couple of changes to have a big impact. Great strategies. Loved your teaching style – warm, personal, safe, challenging. Thank you for an insightful and enthusiastic presentation. It was one of the most relevant and targeted workshops that I have attended."


Karen Hands Associate Publisher at Griffith Review, Griffith University

Margo Fox

“Jane developed and delivered a really punchy session for my group of aspiring women leaders which gave them strategies around developing their own personal brand which they could take away and implement immediately.  Jane was inquiring, engaged and genuinely interested in the challenges of the group.  I was very happy with everything.”


Margo Fox Senior Project and Change Management Consultant, Riskcom

 "Authenticity – let go of who we should be and embrace who we are.  Brand vs Identity."


Michelle Turton Industry Manager Workcover QLD

"Interesting to know how control, clarity and communication work together.  Also, the essential of the 'team.'"


Kylie Maras Industry Manager Workcover QLD

"By brainstorming our team’s 3 key values, this gives us greater clarity as to our purpose and brand.  I believe we will work better as a team as a result."


Tim Meadows Industry Manager Workcover QLD

tanya cambey

"Good flow.  LOVE the fact it was not death by powerpoint and had relevant stimulating activities."


Tanya Cambey Senior Leader | Strategic Management | Relationship Management Workcover QLD

Siobhan McGovern

"Great to hear about the 3 circles of building a brand.  As well as hearing Jane’s examples and stories, relationships to individual and team brand."


Siobhan McGovern Industry Manager Workcover

Jody McLaren

"Open safe environment.  Well facilitated while encouraging contribution.  Takeaway  = empowered as a senior leader."


Jody McLaren Manager Customer Service at Workcover QLD

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